2-Ingredient Refreshing Watermelon Lemonade Slush

by 247tasty

Prep time: 5 min | Additional: 45 min | Total: 50 min | Servings: 2 | Yield: 2 servings

Nothing was better than heading to a Slush Puppy’s corner store in the Summer heat. My favorite is lime-flavored with half the syrup, otherwise, and it was too sweet. My mom used to like milkshakes in the summer-cold, fluffy, and so satisfying. I like it when it’s cold, and you can sip it. A recent idea has been to try frozen watermelon.  I first tasted it in the South, where it is used in so many recipes — my favorite being a frozen margarita watermelon. Now I always try to have frozen watermelon slush in the freezer at hand. For a happy hour, you can add bourbon, or vodka to it, or for a zero-proof cocktail, a few mints. The end piece no one wants after a whole watermelon has been cut up? Perfect to slush. And if you don’t have watermelon (do not forget, it’s better to have seedless), then any other kind of fruit would also do.

Watermelon Lemonade Slush is so yummy and will quench your thirst for summer heat perfectly, so much better in one simple beverage. Also, kids will love this drink.


1 cup cubed seeded watermelon
1 ¼ cups water
3 tbsp sweetened strawberry lemonade drink mix


1. Add and place watermelon pieces onto a plastic-wrapped baking sheet, and freeze for 45 minutes until solid.

2. In a blender, add and place the frozen watermelon, water, and strawberry lemonade drink mix, blend until slushy.


1. You can make this with only watermelon and lemonade, or you can add alcohol for an adult version. They are pretty delicious anyway. Just make sure you plan ahead-you need to freeze the watermelon pieces.

2. Before freezing the watermelon pieces, make sure to fan them out on the baking sheet. When frozen, crowded chunks clump together and become tougher to handle. Store the melon cubes, once frozen, in a resealable bag in the freezer until ready to use.

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving: 70.9 calories; 0 mg cholesterol; 14.9 mg sodium; 0.5 g protein; 19.1 g carbohydrates.

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