A White Russian Cocktail Because We Could All Use One Right Now

by 247tasty

Each bartender needs a classic White Russian cocktail in their utility belt that means they have to know how to make the Classic white Russian cocktail. So easy to do and is always a pleasant crowd. The perfect evening cocktail to drink at night. The White Russian is among the best vodka cocktails, the easiest and the most popular. It’s very straightforward — vodka, coffee liquor, and cream.

The equally famous Black Russian creamy counterpart is this recipe, derived from a couple of hit cocktails from the 1930s. The “white” and “black” Russians were recorded in bartender guides in the early ’60s. Either drink hasn’t stopped since that time. In a luscious and creamy cocktail, you get vodka accentuated by the taste of the coffee. This is a drink very accessible and a good introduction to the world of cocktails. It’s ao delicious, that there is alcohol in it hardly ever noticeable, which has nurtured the popularity of the drink.

This is a great story to say that the star of the white Russian has been rising since then, but that would not be true, unfortunately. The fact is that the Russian White suffered a bit of a stale, old name until the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, which exclusively sniffed Jeff Bridge’s character, breathed new life into the cocktail.

However, I assure you there’s room for everyone at the White Russian Table as a person who doesn’t prefer iced vanilla lattes (too sweet, not enough coffee eyes), but is going to drink a happily white Russian on any day of the week. Nonetheless, enjoy a white Russian for a quick and enjoyable drink after dinner, during the Happy Hour or any time.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1


2 fluid ounces vodka
1 fluid ounce coffee-flavoured liqueur
1 cup ice
1 fluid ounce heavy cream


1. Combine in an old-fashioned glass vodka, coffee liqueur, and ice then top with cream.

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