Best Light & Fluffy Dinner Rolls

by 247tasty

These are the best homemade meals I had ever had, and everything begins with a simple dough of 7 ingredients. Whenever I get the opportunity, I make these rolls and even bring a pot to my friend who welcomed a baby. They are soft pillows with the finest buttery and flaky texture. All of us are going to ask you to bake them again. When I pull them out of the oven even my youngest eyes light up!

Everyone must have a simple dinner roll recipe. These rolls for dinner are perfect. Like, perfect really. Soft and fluffy, the pillowy texture and buttery flavor will slow down your dinner roll recipe. They are extremely versatile and are essentially a welcome addition to all meals.


4 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 package dry yeast
1 1/2 cups hot tap water
1 egg
1/3 c butter (softened), or vegetable shortening


1. Sift the sugar, salt, and 2 c of the flour together, then stir the yeast.

2. At the low-speed mixer, mix in the flour mixture with shortcutting or butter.

3. Add the hot water and continue mixing. Add the other two cups of flour to make a soft dough and add it. The mixer works with the egg, the hottest of the tap.

4. I changed my beaters at this point for dough hooks and then allowed a dough to be kneaded for about 10 minutes, placed in an oiled bowl, covered with a towel and allowed it to rise in a warm place for approximately 2 hours.

5. Push the dough down

6. It may be cooled or shaped in rolls or loaves at this time and maybe raised for a second time up to double, usually about an hour.

7. Bake in a 375 ° F preheated oven to a slightly brown color.

8. It can be frozen and reheated for serving after baking.

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