Bread And Butter Fridge Pickles

by 247tasty

This is a wrap-around recipe with a funny name, but a long history. The story goes: a young woman used her pickles to trade for bread and butter to a local food manufacturer. We love the story just like we love it! These fresh pickle bread and butter are simple to whip and add sandwiches and burgers to the right crunch. We like to pull it up and put it into the macaroni or potato salad, and the children think that it is a great snack from the jar.

The best thing is to keep these sweet, tangy pickles from marinating for weeks; they are ready within 24 hours so you can always have a jar or two in the fridge. That is a great way to use an overflow of beatable cucumbers, but we love to use the supermarket mini-cucumbers for slices just the right size for the packaging of pint jars.


10 medium mini-cucumbers, sliced 1/4 in thick
1 1/2 tbsp coarse salt
3/4 c sugar
3/4 cup light brown sugar
1 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon celery seeds
1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 pinch chili flakes (optional)


1. In a large bowl, sprinkle coarse salt over cucumber slices. Mix gently.

2. Cover and set aside for a few hours at room temperature.

3. In a cup, whisk sugars, vinegar, and seasonings. Take a medium heat pan. Continue to cook, whisk occasionally until all the sugar has dissolved completely.

4. In a colder, cool, running water, rinse cucumbers. Shake the colander and return the cucumbers to the bowl to remove excess water.

5. Mixing over cucumber slices for hot vinegar. Toss it to mix. Toss to mix. Cover, let it rest approximately an hour.

6. In two pint jars, add the cucumbers. Split liquid evenly between jars, ensuring all slices of the cucumber are covered.

7. Cool 24 hours in before using it

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