Caramel Frosting

by 247tasty

There are few better things than homemade Caramel Frosting and the cake is our recipe. You may be tempted to stick to the variety you have bought to cut back on time and any further steps, but we assure you that it is an effort-worthy frozen recipe. The majority of icing recipes are not as stirring, mixing, cooking, and caramelizing but most icings are not as delicious as this caramel icing, yet again.

The caramel topping is only one way of using caramel. Caramel can be viewed as a contributing ingredient in many popular foods to extend things a little. For example, candied apples and caramel are added to the stick by dipping apples with heat. In other ways, pralines also make extensive use of caramel, with sugar, which is usually caramelized, serving as a cover for nuts.

It’s a fudge-like frost that’s ideal for a spice cake or brown sucrose cake. On a chocolate cake, it would be great, too. Use this frosting caramel for ice-spice cake, jam cake, or the like. Dip the spatula into warm water if it’s hard and hard to disseminate. Frozen caramel is the work of love. It takes time and patience but always is a good result. Whether you only learn to make caramel frosting, or you are a seasoned veteran, try our caramel frosting recipe and you will probably never take a look back. Some things are simply better when done at home and this frosting recipe is no exception.


1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup canned evaporated milk
1/2 cup brown sugar (heaping)
1 cap full of vanilla
1 box powdered sugar (1 lb)


1. In a saucepan mix butter, evaporated milk, brown sugar, and vanilla with medium-high heat cooking until rolling boil.

2. Put all of the lumps in powdered sugar and frost smoothly.

3. Put over the cake and spread warmly (the frosting is set fast).

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