Creamy Crockpot Chicken Tacos

by 247tasty

This easy Creamy Crockpot Chicken Tacos dish is full of possibilities. These creamy crockpot chicken tacos produce a creamy, delicious chicken that is extremely easy to put together in the crockpot. I love crockpot recipes though I don’t use them as much as I want. There are hundreds of crockpot / slow cooker recipes out there, but just a few times a month, I still use my crockpot. Some recipes make little sense to me on why they should be made in a crockpot because parts of it still need to be cooked over the stove and moved to the crockpot. In those situations, I ‘m saying finishing cooking the dish in the crockpot is simple. Even though, I’m all over it when we start talking slow-cooked, tender meats and soups.

It has been a hectic day, and while we are busy, it’s hard in the kitchen. So, for a week, I like to make a lot of meat, as a side dish is always quicker and easier to make. And then I pulled my pot out and pulled chicken into a creamy taco.


(3-4) chicken breasts
1 (16oz) jar of salsa
(8oz) cream cheese (cubed)
tortillas for serving (optional)


1. Spray with non-stick cooking spray into your slow cooker. Place in and cook the chicken, salsa and cream cheese

2. Cook in high heat for 3 hours (or 4-5 hours LOW) stir the cream cheese once it has melted.

3. Use a fork to shred and let the salsa mixture soak for an additional 15 minutes or more.

4. Serve in soft tortillas, taco shells over a bed of lettuce. Finish with shredded cheese, tomatoes, avocado, or something else you ‘d like.


If you are planning to cook this at low and are not going to be home to babysitting, it might be better to cook the chicken in just the salsa and add the cream cheese at the end, allowing it at least 30 minutes to melt.

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