Jamie’s Sweet and Easy Corn on the Cob

by 247tasty

This is an easy recipe as easy as counting 1 through 3. For additional knowledge, sweet corn has been consumed throughout the world for several centuries as a starchy vegetable and cereal grain. It’s rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins. The health benefits of corn, however, are controversial — although it contains good nutrients, it can also boost blood sugar. Moreover, the plant is frequently genetically modified. Corn has an impressive nutrient profile, most people can enjoy a well-balanced diet of whole maize and popcorn. It is also a gluten-free food that is natural and can be eaten by those who avoid gluten.

Corn is a popular food, a vegetable as well as a whole grain. You can eat whole grained maize or popcorn or make chips, oil. It can be eaten whole. Most maize is nevertheless used in the production of animal food and fuel. The time has come to seduce your palate with some tender and delicious cob maize, a summer staple from all over America. Do you think you know how to do it? This recipe is an easy recipe for you to try. A mouth-watering and a delicious summer side dish and we will bet there is at least one way you never tried.

Whether you boil, grill, roast, or slowly cook, add it to the cheese or dribble it with lime juice, you will surely have your guests asking for a second serving. And if you find yourself in the remaining corn with some miracle, which we doubt greatly, you can use this fast and easy corn casserole recipe the following day.


2 tbsp white sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
6 cob (ears corn), husks, and silk removed


1. In a large pot, put water about 3/4 and get to a boil. Add the sugar and lemon juice and dissolve the sugar. Add the ears of maize to boiling water, cover the pot, turn off the heat, allow the maize to cook in hot water for about 10 minutes, until tender.

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