Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole

by 247tasty

Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole is a simple, heart-felt casserole that is both budget-friendly and easy to produce. This saucepan is a simple and delicious way to feed a crowd or a couple. This Million Dollar Spaghetti recipe is one of my favorite casseroles of all time. It is essentially a simple combination of baked spaghetti and lasagna.


1 lb of ground beef
1 jar of spaghetti sauce
8 oz of cream cheese
¼ cup sour cream
½ lb cottage cheese (equals 1 cup)
½ cup butter (1 stick)
1 pkg spaghetti 16 oz
Grated cheddar cheese


1. Preheat the oven at about 350 ° C. Boil your noodles until they are al dente (strong). Drain and set aside for assembly ready.

2. Mix cream cheese, saucer, and cottage cheese until they are fully combined.

3. Cook the hamburger and rinse well until cooked. Combine your spaghetti sauce with your hamburger.

4. Put a few butter pieces in a pan of 9 to 13 and add half of your spaghetti.

5. Take your mixture of cream cheese and pour over the noodles. Spread well over noodles.

6. Pour the rest of the noodles over the cream cheese mixture. Top up the noodles with a few more butter slices.

7. Pour on your pasta your spaghetti and meat sauce.

8. Now it is ready to put 30 minutes into the oven. Pour over the desired volume of grated after 30 minutes

9. Sprinkle cheese on top and return for 15 minutes in the oven to make the cheese melt


1. I prefer to use Italian sausage for the extra flavor, but you can add standard ground beef in a pinch.

2. When reheating the leftovers, the pasta softens up a little bit, but the taste is just as strong as when it was fresh from the oven.

3. For this recipe, you can use either cottage cheese or ricotta cheese. Whichever you think sounds better! I am part of the cottage cheese, as I think it brings a great creaminess to the final recipe.

4. Spaghetti noodles are only one of the many popular pasta forms that are going to fit in this dish. On occasion, I love using ziti noodles or rigatoni noodles.

5. My suggestion is to use garlic bread and salad on this recipe. We make a great first course while the casserole is cooling down.

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