Pineapple Lemonade

by 247tasty

It’s summer all over again. And what’s the best way to spend the summer? Beach and refreshments! I have been obsessed with Pineapple lemonade. Its ingredients are well, simple, and easy to find. And it’s very straightforward, you just need to mix everything, easy right? It’s super refreshing, sweet, and tangy at the same time. A tropical wonder that quenches your summer thirst.

We have been planning to go to the beach since the summer started. I haven’t had much time to go out but I promise the kids that we will go this weekend. I already prepared everything, from the food to desserts, and all that we need to bring. And of course, for the refreshment, I will be making my favorite Pineapple lemonade. To set the record straight, it’s not just me, the kids are crazy about this drink, too. I make this all year round, and I make a lot because the kids can’t stop drinking! My youngest was so funny, just this week I made this pineapple lemonade. I told him to get his share but he said to put it inside the fridge first because he’s busy playing games. Then, when he opened the fridge and did not find the pitcher he was so furious, he cried. He’s 4 by the way. So to stop him from crying I make another just for him and he did not share! We so love this pineapple lemonade, it’s like summer all year round whenever we have this. With only 4 simple ingredients and a very easy recipe, you’ll never say no to this!


1 cup Country Time Lemonade Mix
3 cups Coldwater
1 can of chilled pineapple juice ( 46 oz)
2 cans of Sprite

How to make Pineapple Lemonade

Step 1: Mix the lemonade mix, coldwater, chilled pineapple juice, and sprite.

Step 2: Add in some lemon slices if desired. And put ice.

Step 3: Serve and enjoy!

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