Best Southern Pie Ever

by 247tasty

The best Southern Pie tastes like crème brûlée. It is smooth, delicate, and buttery. In reality, fans of the shiny “lid” on top of the crème brûlée (and the lids on brownie pans) will be pleased to see that buttermilk pie often forms a crackly rim. As with crème brûlée, one of life ‘s wonderful little pleasures is to smash your fork into the rich custard and through the top of a southern pie. Southern Pie is my nominee for the ideal party dessert awards this year. The fillings are luxuriously smooth and sweet inside with a slightly creaky sugar layer, and even though they are an old-fashioned, traditional Southern recipe, they do not have the reputation they deserve.

I owe my grandmother for classic Southern desserts like buttermilk pastry, Old-Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie last week, and this popular Lemon Cream Pie that always made me feel like a newly born. Chess pie, a close relative of butter, was one of her signatures. Please run into your kitchen and prepare this recipe quickly if you have never had a traditional and best Southern pastry. It doesn’t look presumptuous, but every bite is sweet. The filling is soft and delicate, velvety, with a rich buttery flavor. It is a flaky butter cake that is dynamite as you’d expect.


½ cup of buttermilk
1 ¾ cups of sugar
(2) large eggs
3 tbsps of flour
pinch of salt
(1) stick of butter
1 tsp of vanilla


1. Place all the ingredients together in a big bowl until they have been combined then pour the place into a 9 “pie shell.

2. Sprinkle with a little nutmeg over the top and bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Reduce the temperature to 350 degrees, then bake for another 45 minutes.

3. Let it set and fully cool before serving.

4. Easy, fast, and delicious. No one could resist this pie ‘s goodness. You really should try to do it, trust me you won’t regret it, it sort of like magic.

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