Cheesesteak Eggrolls

by 247tasty

This easy to make Cheesesteak Eggrolls are great either as appetizer or meal. Cut these in half and serve as an appetizer or serve on a plate with some potato fries for dinner. Crispy on the outside with our favorite cheesesteak filling, these eggrolls are guaranteed crowdpleaser! These are no doubt delicious, crisp on every bite with such an amazing flavor that will surely makes your mouth water. You can eat it as is or dip it on a warmed cheese whiz dip.


6 pieces Frozen Steak Um Sliced Steaks or 1/2 Pound very thinly sliced Ribeye
1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
1 whole Vidalia Onion, Chopped
3 slices American Cheese, Cut Into 3 Strips Each
6 whole Eggroll Wrappers
1 cup Cheese Whiz For Dipping
½ cups Banana Peppers
Small Bowl Of Water For Wetting Your Fingers
Vegetable Oil, For Frying

How to make Cheesesteak Eggrolls

Step 1: Place a little butter in a skillet and saute the onions for about 3 minutes until tender. Set aside.

Step 2: Cook the steak in batches for about a minute each side. Make sure to not overcrowd. Dry the steak to get rid of the grease.

Step 3: In an eggroll wrapper, place enough meat and spatter around a teaspoon of the sauteed onion, and 1/3 slice of cheese.

Step 4: Roll the eggroll and moisten the edge of the wrapper with water to seal. Then, press the ends together and fold in the sides like making a small triangle. Again moisten with water to close.

Step 5: Repeat the same procedure with the remaining batches. Set aside on a plate.

Step 6: To cook, heat the oil to 375 degrees F. Fry the rolls for less than a minute especially if you are using a fryer. Once the eggrolls are crispy and golden brown, transfer to paper towels to drain.

Step 6: Best serve with banana peppers and warmed cheese whiz for dipping. Enjoy!

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