Cheesy Crab Rangoon Dip (Hot Crab Dip)

by 247tasty

I love a good appetizer. It sets the mood for the following meal and stimulates my appetite. Whenever I am invited to a party the first thing I do is check the menu. And if I see Rangoon it’s guaranteed that it’ll end up on my plate! Rangoon is one of my favorite appetizers, crispy on the outside with a creamy cheesy crab filling. Delicious! And this Cheesy Crab Rangoon Dip has the same gratifying flavors that have been put into an entirely different form – a scoopable, and loveable dip. Dips with cream cheese is a total game-changer. For a much softer and fluffier dip, soften the cream cheese with a hand mixer to make it light and fluffy. Sprinkle with crunch wonton strips get that classic wonton flavor and serve with tortilla dippers.


8 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
1/4 cup of sour cream
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup of fresh parmesan cheese
2 cans 6 oz each crab meat, drained
1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese divided
2 tablespoons of fresh chives
1 clove garlic
1/2 teaspoon of pepper

For the Garnish

1 tablespoon of fresh chives optional
Wonton Strips crushed (optional)

How to make Cheesy Crab Rangoon Dip

Step 1: Prepare the oven. Preheat to 350 degrees F.

Step 2: With the hand mixer on medium speed, beat the cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce until fluffy.

Step 3: To make the dip, stir in the remaining dip ingredients and reserve 1/3 cup of mozzarella cheese for topping.

Step 4: Evenly spread the mixture in a small baking dish or pie plate. And top with the remaining cheese.

Step 5: Place inside the oven and bake for 25 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

Step 6: When done, remove from the oven and garnish with the remaining chives and crushed wonton strips. Serve and enjoy!

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