Halloween Cupcakes

by Sheryl

How amusing are these cupcakes? Channel your inner artist by creating these cute and fun cupcake frosting designs for Halloween. I bet the kids and everyone will love them!


Vanilla frosting
Chocolate Ganache/chocolate frosting
Neon green food colouring
Pink food colouring
Candy eyes
Blue M&Ms
Tic Tacs
Piping bags
#47 icing tip
#12 icing tip

How to make Halloween Cupcakes

Step 1: For the spider web cupcakes, using vanilla frosting frost your cupcake.

Step 2: Fill a piping bag with chocolate ganache. To make the ganache, combine 100 grams or 4-ounces chocolate with 6 tablespoons of boiling heavy cream. Or use chocolate or black frosting.

Step 3: At the bottom of the piping bag, snip a small opening. Start by piping about 3 to 6 circles onto the cupcake.

Step 4: To make a spider web effect, draw lines with a toothpick from the innermost circle until the outer circle.

Step 5: For the mummy cupcakes, just pipe two little dots of frosting on the cupcake. Add the candy eyes over the frosting dots.

Step 6: Grab the #47 icing tip piping bag. Fill it in with vanilla frosting and start piping diagonal lines across the cupcake. Note to keep the eyes in place to make a mummy-like appearance.

Step 7: On to the monster cupcakes. Start by dyeing the vanilla frosting green or any suitable colour.

Step 8: On top of the cupcake, smear the frosting.

Step 9: Then, cut the marshmallow with kitchen scissors. Making about 4 slices in a single marshmallow. To prevent sticking, I would suggest greasing your scissors with a bit of oil.

Step 10: In the middle of the green-frosted cupcake, add a slice of marshmallow.

Step 11: And add a piece of M&M in the middle of the marshmallow slice.

Step 12: To make a smile, cut the white tic-tac in half and put it under the marshmallow. The tic-tac is the teeth.

Step 13: For the brain cupcakes, start by packing in a #12 tip piping bag with pink frosting.

Step 14: Make a circle outline on the cupcake. And draw two lines in the centre. These lines should meet in the middle.

Step 15: In the semi-circles, draw a squiggly line each to make the brain.

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