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We like to have good food to tie over if we have a family life that is not productive. This type of food should be simple to make and cheerful to eat. I think another word would be comfort food for this simple food. Because it should be about making remembered people, and not spending a lot of time preparing food in the kitchen.

In a pizza, cheese and meats usually have low or no carbohydrates. They are also available. You can add carbohydrates such as onions or peppers to the vegetables you add. A regular tomato sauce is important for the sauce, as several sauces have sugar and carbohydrates added. You ‘re not going to believe just how easy it is to make those pizza roll-ups. Toss up a lot and do the salty snack craving. Moreover, they are full of nutrients for your body. So they’re not only incredibly delicious but also good to you.

You will be set with this recipe when these pizza cravings hit. It hits the spot completely and everything you need is a few basic ingredients that you might already have at hand. You can make keto pizza roll-ups if you have cheese and pepperoni!


12 slices of mozzarella cheese
Pepperoni slices (you can use mini pepperoni as well)
Italian seasoning
Keto Marina Sauce


1. Preheat oven at about 400 degrees.

2. In a cookie sheet, baking mat, or parchment sheet.

3. Place the cheese slices on the baking mat for 6 minutes or until the chips begin to brown slightly on the edges.

4. Take off the oven and let it cool slightly. Let the slices cool and spread Italian seasoning and if you want, add pepperoni.

5. Serve with your favorite sauce! Roll and serve.


1. I’ve been using Mozzarella sliced but you can use any cheese in your refrigerator

2. The addition of an Italian seasoning truly gives it the taste of pizza.

3. Dip your roll-ups into a favorite sauce or chicken dipping sauce!

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